Project Performance & Management Framework Compliance Auditing

Our process compliance auditing gives you piece of mind that your projects are progressing according to the original or current plan with integrity.

Keystone Project Advisory offers review and improvement identification services for process improvement within existing management systems.

Our team have a diverse practical experience base and understand the details of “day to day” business processes that support project implementation. This understanding together with our targeted review process helps amplify “weak signals” that might indicate areas of weakness within the project delivery.

Compliance auditing and health checks for your project or programme can be implemented at any stage of the project process. Examples of specific services are detailed below:

  • 3rd Party Funding Gate Deliverable Reviews
  • Pre-execution Readiness Reviews
  • Risk Identification and Management Workshops
  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat (SWOT) Analysis
  • Schedule/Plan Verification and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Cost Estimate Integrity Checks
  • Quantitative Cost & Schedule Range Analysis (Monte Carlo)


the action of fact of complying with a wish or command

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