Firstly, scope creep is essentially an increase in project requirements throughout the project lifecycle. Scope creep has been prevalent on each project in which I have been involved with some instances of additional scope amounting to +10% of the total amount of hours to the scope already planned.

I was recently asked, “Why am I always over budget on these small projects”? While I couldn’t answer for these specific projects, it did get me thinking about why projects fail in general, or what starts the snowball.

I often find myself being asked how my career path led me to Project Management to which I reply, “it just happened”. As an engineer, I started out having direct involvement in the project lifecycle as part of the EPCM puzzle, with the transition into project management from design not overly large. It is a common transition and often as result of business resource availability and or lack of organisational capability. And that’s that, many would jump straight onto LinkedIn and change their job title to Project Manager and the sky is the limit. Once that role title is on someone’s CV, it never goes away.

Over the years I have read many articles on Cost Management, but why is successful cost management such a critical part in effective and successful project delivery?

Reflections on "Why marvels of engineering require miracles of project management?" by Jens Roehrich and Jas Kalra at: 

Project management is an ancient practice used by the romans, or Inca’s building temples. So in the last 2000 years what are the tools that project teams can utilise and reference for guidance in project delivery? 

As a Project Controls Consultant we need to be able to adapt to utilise any business system including scheduling packages. We are often asked why we prefer using P6 over Microsoft Project?

Keystone would like to welcome the newest member of the team to Adelaide! Relocating from sunny Mackay, Alex Hanly will be joining the team in the new year following a well deserved break after the NAO 2018 Turnaround with Incitec Pivot Limited in Queensland.

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